Breeding Betta

Bettas reproduce in a unique and fascinating fashion. The male will blow hundreds of bubbles at the water’s surface and create a floating nest. He then tries to court a female by spreading his fins and putting them on full display; his colors will be in their most intense and impressive state as well. If the female is receptive and ready for romance her coloration will change and she will be covered with dark vertical stripes. Her stomach will also appear rounder as her body starts producing more eggs. The […] Read more »


Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta splendens

For hundred of years, the Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta splendens, has been kept and cultivated by people in Thailand (Siam). Today, the Betta is popular throughout the world – though not for the purpose of fish fighting but as a peaceful aquarium resident. Through years of selective breeding, pet store Bettas look vastly different from their original, wild-caught ancestors. Instead of just a few colors, they can now be purchased in an array of hues including red, blue, turquoise, black, white, yellow, and brown. In addition, their fins have […] Read more »