Blennies curious looking little fishes

Blenny Fish Tank

Blenny Fish Tank

Blennies have long, slender bodies and large heads with cirri (small hairlike growths) near the eyes. Some species can be quite colorful while others are drabber and covered with spots and stripes to blend in with their surroundings. They are mainly bottom dwelling fish and can be found in tide pools and shallower waters among coral reefs throughout the world.

Most blennies feed on algae and small invertebrates but there are some species that mimic cleaner fish and actually take a bite out of other unsuspecting fish! Blennies are generally hardy fishes, easy to care for and do not require a large tank.

They do require lots of rocks and caves to hide in and where they will spend much of their time. If possible, live rock should be used so that they will have algae to graze on.

Blennies should be fed a variety of fresh and prepared foods that consist of both protein and vegetable matter.

Unfortunately, most Blennies are highly territorial and will constantly be fighting if there is more than one species per tank. They should be kept with other peaceful, non-predatory tankmates.

Blennies are difficult to breed in captivity. Generally, it is not possible to distinguish between the sexes, though sometimes males will be larger and have brighter coloring than the females. They usually spawn in caves and guard the eggs until they hatch. After the eggs hatch, the fry go through several stages including a planktonic stage before metamorphosing into their adult form.

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