Adding plants to your pond

Plants add beauty to the pond and aid in maintaining a healthy environment for fish. In addition, plants provide food and shelter for the creatures that may reside in the pond. Pond plants include deep water plants, oxygenating plants, marginal plants, floating plants and bog plants. When choosing plants find out how large they may grow. Make sure your pond will not be too small to fit the plants you plan to grow in it, also check to see if the plants will be winter hardy in your area. Keeping pond plants […] Read more »


Keeping Koy

Koi are some of the most beautiful and graceful pond fish. These fish are quite intelligent and can become very tame over the years. With good care, they often live from 25 to 35 years and can live for as many as 200 years. However, the flashy Koi has some special requirements that make it a bit more challenging to care for than ordinary carp. Koi need a lot of oxygen in their pond and they must have a high quality filtration system, especially if you’d like them to live […] Read more »


Maintaining your Pond

Just like any other type of yard maintenance, pond maintenance varies with each season. These tips on maintaining your pond will help you keep it running well from season to season. Each spring, you’ll need to clean your pond thoroughly. If the pond is extremely dirty, you may need to actually catch the fish and keep them in a holding tank so that you can drain the pond. Otherwise, you should only need to remove about half the water. Remove any debris and fallen leaves from the pond. You should […] Read more »


Setting up a Pond

If you are planning on setting up a pond, there are several things you should consider: Ponds are best located in sunny areas away from trees so that leaves don’t fall into them and create a slimy mess in the bottom or clog up your expensive filtration system. You really don’t want to have to clean 6 inches of smelly muck out of your pond several times a year. If you can’t find a spot for your pond away from trees, you should consider covering it with netting in early […] Read more »


Solving common pond problems

Finally, you have the pond of your dreams, but things aren’t quite as perfect as you wanted them to be. How do you keep your pond in good shape? Here are some common pond problems you may encounter and how you can solve them. Leakage If your pond seems to be losing a lot of water at a rapid rate, do not mistake this for evaporation. You actually probably have a leak. If the leak is at the bottom of the pond, you will have to drain it and use […] Read more »