Corydoras Tank Picture

Corydoras Tank Picture.

Corys are small catfish ranging from 2″ to 3″, their bodies are covered with an armor of bony plates. They enjoy being in groups of at least 3 or more. Adorned with beautiful patterns, used as a camouflage to avoid predators in their natural habitat in the amazonian rivers of South America. They will dwell at the bottom of the home aquarium, where they borrow in search for food using specialized barbels. Better suited for intermediate fish keeper, they should never be used to cycle a tank. Corydoras require a high quality water with a pH 7.3, free from any ammonia or nitrite residues. A well-planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places and a soft substrate like sand is recommended, avoid hard or sharp stones, objects since they can easily damage their dedicated barbels.

These fish will be an excellent addition for any well established community tank, as long as they are not mixed with large cichlids or large catfish. They can be kept with live-bearers, tetras, small barbs, gouramis and loaches. Feed them a varied diet of sinking shrimp and algae pellets.

Cotydoras Zebra

Cotydoras Zebra

Corydoras paleatus

Peppered Corydoras

Corydoras aeneus

Bronze Corydoras

Corydoras davidsandsi

Corydoras Sands

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