Goldfish: Swim Bladder Problems.

The fish are unable to maintain an upright position when still and may float head-down, on their side, or upside down. The fish may sit on the bottom of the aquarium and struggle to swim to the surface, or may hang at the surface and be unable to swim down. Weakness and lethargy and a resulting loss of balance can also be caused if the fish is ill with another disease, so check for other symptoms. Swim Bladder Problems Symptoms: Fish can control their position in the water with the […] Read more »

Hole in the Head Disease (HITH, LLE)

Oscars, as well as other large cichlids, are commonly afflicted by hole in the head disease (HITH). The symptoms are easily recognizable pitted areas or holes around the face and head area and along the lateral line of the fish but the cause of HITH is not so clearly understood. Some aquarists blame poor water conditions as the cause of most fish problems. This fact emphasizes the importance of a good filter system, regular water changes and aquarium maintenance. Another factor could be stress on the Oscar that weakens his […] Read more »

White Spot Disease – Ichthyophthirius

In early stages there may be no visible spots, but fish may scrape themselves on solid objects. The typical “white spots” which appear are pin-head sized and occur initially on the tail and fins before spreading to other parts of the body. Symptoms: In advanced cases the fish may appear to have been sprinkled with sand, and secondary diseases such as fungus and slime diseases may occur, leading to a white film or cotton-wool like growths in addition to the small white specks. Velvet (Oodinium) has a similar appearance to […] Read more »