Breeding Hatchetfish

Hatchetfish are egg scatterers that do not tend their eggs or fry and so a separate spawning/fry tank is needed. Spawning occurs between pairs. However, in most species breeding is very difficult to achieve. Sexes are difficult to distinguish, but females may be plumper when ready to breed. To bring the adults into breeding condition, plenty of frozen foods should be included in the diet, and the water should be kept soft, slightly acid and with blackwater extract added. The breeding tank should be well planted and extra blackwater extract […] Read more »


Marbled Hatchet Fish (Carnegiella strigata species)

The marbled hatchetfish found in the local fish store are all caught in the wild they have been spawned, but not on a commercial basis. Also, there are at least two species, and probably some others, that come in under the common name of marbled hatchetfish. When it comes to care, the difference of species is not important because the aquarium requirements for all of them are the same. The first and most important thing to remember about these fish is that they are world class jumpers, and unless the […] Read more »