Oscar Fish – Astronotus Ocellatus

Oscar Fish - Astronotus Ocellatus

A very intelligent fish that can recognize its owner, the heavily built Oscar is an all-time favorite among aquarium hobbyists. Originally imported from South America, most Oscars for sale are now tank-bred. A large aquarium of at least 70 gallons is required to house a pair of Oscars.

The Oscar fish has his own ideas on how to decorate what he considers his home (your aquarium!) he will grab any object including small rocks and plants (doesn’t care whether they are natural or artificial) and spit them out of the tank if he doesn’t like them -a deep sand bottom and few large rocks will save you a lot of headaches.- Oscars have hearty appetites and should only be kept with fish that are the same size or larger; smaller fish soon become a quick snack for this cichlid. Other South American cichlids and large catfish make good tankmates.

Oscar Fish - Astronotus Ocellatus

Oscar Fish - Astronotus Ocellatus

Occasionally the Oscar will pretend he’s dying and will lay down on the bottom of the aquarium (don’t worry oscars are excellent actors) he will wait for small fishes to get closer, those naďve enough to buy his tricks will not live long to tell their story; although some people recommend feeding them live goldfish and guppies I personally do not like the idea as you take a real chance of introducing diseases, instead you can feed them vegetarian cichlid pellet, peas, lettuce (this is important to prevent hith disease) blended beef heart, earthworms and shrimps.

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  1. Peggy Peggy says:

    I have kept my Oscar for 6 years. The guys at the pet store told me they can live up to 14 years. It’s pretty much like having a dog :0

  2. lorenzo lorenzo says:

    How long do they live?

  3. Black Adder Black Adder says:

    I forgot to mention that they can grow up to 10”-12” (25cm-30cm). In the wild they may reach up to 18” (45cm). At a rate of one inch per month if you don’t have the required tank setup, you are going to end in a spot of trouble.

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