Butterflyfish a good choice for experienced fishkeepers

Butterflyfish, as their name suggests, resemble butterflies as they flitter about, flashing their magnificent colors and intricate designs. Many species have stripes as well as eye spots that are used for camouflage and to confuse predators. It is no wonder that they are sought after by marine aquarists despite their price and demanding care. These beautiful fish can be found in coral reefs throughout the world, usually in schools or at least pairs. Most grow to no more than 6-8 inches although some types will reach a foot in length. […] Read more »



Most remain small, growing to no more than 2 inches and several species are quite colorful and decorated with stripes and spots. Read more »



Some of the best fishes for those just starting out in the marine aquarium hobby belong to the Damselfish family. Read more »