Bala Shark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus)

The Bala Shark is a sleek, beautiful fish that resembles a mini shark. They usually grow up to 13 inches. Balas Sharks are quite shy and will retreat from view when people approach the aquarium, if your aquarium size allows it try to keep at least 3 they do better in small groups. Do not be surprised if you hear strange noises at night coming from your tank, apparently they like to chat at night. They will eat almost anything you feed them. They prefer live foods, such as bloodworms, […] Read more »


Red Tailed Shark (Labeo Color)

Red tailed sharks, like rainbow sharks, tend to be territorial and are intolerant of others of their own species. If more than one is kept, the weaker specimen will be constantly harassed. They need plenty of swimming room and mix well with large robust tank mates. They need fairly well-oxygenated conditions. The waters to which these fish are native are slightly acid to neutral, of moderate hardness, clear and swift flowing. They are quite adaptable to higher pH and hardness. Plants are a large part of its diet, so be […] Read more »