Sterbas Corydoras (Corydoras sterbai)

Sterbas Corydoras

Corydoras sterbai

Corydoras sterbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corydoras sterbai, which is referred to as Sterba’s Cory, Sterbai Cory, or Sterba’s Corydoras, is a peaceful, bottom-dwelling member of the armoured catfish group. Sterba’s Cory is often confused with Corydorus haraldschultzi, which is a different species with a lighter background and darker spots.

Indigenous to the upper Rio Guapore in Brazil, South America, prefers a dark, soft-bottom aquarium shared with upper to mid-water dwelling species. A sparse array of plants, tepid clear water with some current, and allowance for plenty of free-swimming space will provide an optimal environment.
During breeding, the male will;clamp the barbells of the female during the fertilization process. The female will carry the eggs to their final destination by using a special pouch located under her ventral fins. The eggs are then attached to a plant leaf or other smooth surface. After 3-5 days, the eggs will hatch, and the young can be fed micro-worms or micro- plankton until they are large enough to consume prepared foods.
They are omnivorous and will require a well balanced diet including dried, flake, frozen, and live foods. Feed a quality flake and pellet food as well as frozen brine and live worms.

Compatible: Tetras, Rasboras, Loaches, Danios, Dwarf Gouramis, Livebearers, Corydoras, Discus, Angels, Barbs, Rainbowfish, Plecos, and Scavenger Catfish of similar size.
Aquarium setup: 72-79°F; pH 5.8-7.0; dH 2-12
Size: 3 1/2 in (9 cm)

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